How to automate this?

i want to save this file at desktop however my downloadedfilepath will remain same.

pls let me know

You can use the combination of ui automation here

Like type into to type the file path

Click activitiy to click on save button to save the file to that specific location

Hope it helps

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@NIVED_NAMBIAR thanks and helped me alot.

one more thing to ask. i am using kill process but i want to kill only a particular “tab”. how to do that?

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now am getting this thing to automate. i have added if condition however in else, i am unable to use same logic as it takes only one activity at one time.

Kill process is used to kill a process such as chrome, internet explorer , application etc

For dealing with killing of single tab it is not possible with that

For closing a tab, use clob tab activity to achieve that


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Happy Automation

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I didn’t get your query

Can u explain it well with screenshot ?

@NIVED_NAMBIAR Sorted however i have automated save as option with IF condition as once file has been downloaded then incase we need to run bot again to download the file then it will automatically relace the existing file.

i am getting this below error as save as selectors are changing. pls check below screen shot and advise.

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