How to automate the excel with same name on every week

I want to automate the excel workbook which gets downloaded with same name with downloading date(example: myworkbook-17-07-2019 )in web page on every week…The workbook need to be added one by one in excel scope on everyweek.And, want to change the sheet name not as a number(example:apple).Kindly suggest some ideas

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Do you want to do the activity using existing activities @Pavithran_Pandian?

I hope we don’t have activitities, but if you want to do that using VB code, will provide you.

No,it’s a new activity


Can you please help?

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I’m just including one of the expert here in the link to help you @Pavithran_Pandian

Ohh Thanks Mr.HareeshMR


Sorry I didn’t get you. Could you please tell more details about what you want exactly.

Every Monday I’m downloading a excel workbook (eg.myworkbook). In that workbook manual work consuming max 10 mins only so i just thinking to automate this. I’ll download the workbook and gone keep those downloading workbook in a common path, from that path whenever i’m downloading my workbook bot need to automate the new workbook without human interaction and more over the workbook sheets have multiple name (eg, sheet1-apple,sheet2-mango)