How to automate the azure

Hi All,

I need to automate Azure using UiPath, I need to upload the file to the azure and need to delete it.

How to do this type of automation?

Chethan P

Hi @copy_writes,

Your question is not specific enough. However the best way to integrate with Azure is by using the following package. You will find it in Manage PackageOfficial

When you install it, you will find numerous activities. Since your question is on file uploads, you will need to use one of the blob container / storage / tables activities.

Here is the preview release post - This is quite a old link so Azure Activities now in Public Preview

Remember you have to always start with the Azure Scope activity. In your Azure instance, you need to be authorized to use the TenantId and SubscriptionID and authenticate with ClientId and ClientSecret in the properties tab.

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Hi Jeevith,

Is that Azure data lake also the same or do we need to use any other activity because in my case I need to create a folder and upload the file.

which activity needs to use?

Hi @copy_writes,

Azure Data lake is a different product and you cannot use the Blob container / Storage activities in UiPath.Azure.Activities to upload files to Azure Data Lake.

The way you can achieve this is by first reading through the learn page of Azure Data Lake and understanding how you can upload files manually and then using PowerShell to upload file using a script to your Data Lake instance.

  1. Upload data to Azure Data Lake Storage - Training | Microsoft Learn
  2. Use PowerShell to manage data: Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 | Microsoft Learn (Read the section “Upload a file to a directory”)

Once you test your PowerShell code you can integrate your PowerShell code using the Invoke PowerShell activity in UiPath. Here is a basic tutorial on how to integrate PowerShell script in UiPath : How to Integrate PowerShell with UiPath- Step by Step guide