How to automate spreadsheets

Hi All,

I am trying to accomplish the following , can you please help me by pointing me to the right functionalities or letting me know if this is doable using Ui Path:

  • Access a outlook mailbox
  • Retrieve the attachment
  • Read the attachment and scrape the data from the attached xls
  • Use the scraped data ( clean it / add formulas and transform)
  • Compare transformed data to an existing spreadsheet and find a value from a grid
  • Store the the value in a spreadsheet
  • Email the new spreadsheet back to the sender.


Can you elaborate this? Rest can be done.

Use the scrapped data ( Cleaning & adding formulas)

  • Example attachment has fields like “GJ-AS-IR” or “GJ-AS-TT” /column with value 55
  • I need to parse out this column as separate columns GJ / AS / IR

  • If there is IR then 55*1.05 else 55

I think this can be done by creating a 2nd datatable with split columns.