How to automate SAP with Communication user type

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I need to automate SAP with UiPath. But the client has created an SAP user of type “Communication user” which doesn’t allow you to log in with SAP Gui logon pad. It requires RFC to log in. So is it possible to automate with this above SAP user type? Please help me with this.


If you want to automate SAP application first we need to enable script on client and server side. Have you enabled the script ?

Please refer below thread once:


Hello Santosh,
as you described, it is not possible to use the SAP GUI for Windows with an SAP communication user. So you can’t use any SAP UI, including the SAP GUI scripting. All you can do is to use RFCs (remote enabled function modules, RFM).

Yes, it is possible to use RFCs with UiPath. But RFCs are all without any proportion of UI, it contains only a technical interface. On the one hand you can use UiPath.SAP.BAPI package.

Here an example how to use RFC_READ_TABLE.

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Yes its enabled both client and Server side.

Thank you Stefan. I will try with above activities and steps to perform for RFC and will update you.

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