How to automate my use case?

Hello everyone,

I am here to learn more about how RPA works and how I can use this application to benefit my daily tasks at Sherwin Williams.
I currently use sql developer for one of my monthly tasks. I would like to find a way to be able to automate one of my reports that currently takes me 1 to 2 hours to do. This one report has about 13 queries I have to manually change the dates each one and then save all the data separately. It is a time consuming task and I was wondering if this application can help me out.

Please let me know! Thank you!

Meg Curran


Hello Megan,

I have created a similar UiPath BOT that gets information from 2 databases, IBM Notes and SAP, each outputs the queries to Excel files, 1 query for IBM Notes and 5 to 10 queries for SAP, depending on results from the IBM Notes query and the first two SAP queries, using UiPath activities. The BOT then uses macros to further refine the results in the excel files and outputs the Excel data to data table variables which the Bot then uses to create daily Manufactory Production reports. I believe you can also interface with SQL for more direct database queries.


Hi Ron,

Thank you for seeing my comment and replying to help!
How would I start the process to see if the BOT can be used with my sql developer application for my Metric report?

The first two excel documents are just data pulled from one query
The third report though is 10 queries in one. I have not yet found a way for sql developer to play all 10 queries at once and give me 10 sperate sheets in an excel of the data I need from each query.

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Hi Megan,
I would recommend starting with the free online training, especially the introduction, below is the generic activities for starting and working with a program executable.

There are also program packages that can be added as needed, I did a search for sql and did not find any though.


Hi Megan,

UiPath can read and write directly into Excel files, and can read and write from data table variables into and out of Excel files. so you can do all your queries separately and send the results to separate Excel files or one temporary file that you overwrite after copying that queries results to you final report file.

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So is there a way to have UiPath run the queries for me?

I’ve split the discussion into a separate topic :slight_smile:

Is there a way to have UiPath automatically run several queries at once in sql developer or only adding another connection? I already have the sql developer connections for my applications but I do not have a way to run multiple queries at once to then also automatically save the files off.

I tried to go through a video from another user to download a file and the file did not add a connection to my app. DO you know anything about that video? How to Connect MS SQL Server Database with Oracle SQL Developer - YouTube

Hi Megan,

I am not familiar with using SQL within UiPath, my suggestion would be to try “Type Into” activities in the command lines, not sure if this will work or not. I believe you can redirect the SQL responses to queries to a file rather than the SQL console. Perhaps someone with more knowledge will kindly respond to this for you.

I do remember you can save a series of SQL queries for later use also, I have never tried this myself though.

As an alternative, you could setup a BOT with a user account in the systems you want to send the same information to and set the BOT to replicating the information in them as another user.