How to automate multi factor automation login screen?

Hi Team ,

We want to automate the application which is having multi factor authentication like below

  1. During login OPT is sent to user’s email
  2. Another use case is push code is sent on registered mobile

I have community license 2022 and having one un-attended bot.

Is it possible to automation above MFA use cases using un-attended bot ?
If yes can you please guide how ?

Hey @shraddha_joshi

Yes I guess email option shows some promise to automate it in an Un-Attended way ?



  1. You May request your IT Team to disable MFA(Particular Application) for Service Account which is used for Automation Process.
  2. If point 1 does not work, Using Mail Activities based Subject and receiver read the OTP detail from Mail and pass that to your Login Flow.
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