How To Automate IRCTC Website

How To Automate IRCTC Website( ?

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Open this website with Internet Explorer and you will see that you can automate using selectors like all the others websites. Did you try to do something and is not working?


there will be a capcha for that website where human intervention is required.

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after typing username and password then next field is capcha, give 1 to 1.5 minutes delay in workflow so you’ll be able to manually write capcha that is showed to you


Can We Automate Captcha instead Of Manual Entry ?

you need to try with API but it’s a crime (breaking capacha on public websites)

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yes, you can try with API, but the idea of that capach is to see if you are a robot or not… :smiley:


edit and try this. :slight_smile:
Irctc.xaml (41.2 KB)


Thanx Venky , But Can u do it without Recording ? Bcoz When Browser Is Refresh Each time then Captcha also Change ?

Didn’t Get Anything ?

hi @kirtiSagar

when the browser is refresh then need to re-execute the flow(check and loop it to top).
or we need to put delay and have to enter manually.
without recording it won’t possible i guess.

thank you.

No Venky , Its Not Working …

Sadly, It doesn’t work on the images with corrupted text

I am able to automate the IRCTC website, including the captcha part. But it is working fine with captcha for sometimes and sometimes it is unable to read the captcha. you can use do while or for loop for it.

Its working fine with captcha like: “Type in the box below: *****”

I am also trying for different captchas.

Concept is like:

Check text exist(“Type in the box below:”)
if(text exist)
get ocr text (select the captcha area only and save that output in a string

    type into (select the box under the captcha, where you have to enter the captcha then, enter 
    VB expression = "variable.tostring")

    click on log in/submit/....
    click on refresh the captch button

while(until logged in or 10/more times)