How to automate hover which is not visible while i record

i am doing an automation which is similar to hover on more actions in queues page of orchestrator and click on view transactions.

i am unable to automate it, please help me in this.

i have attached the screenshot of it.

Hi @safiya1,

  1. Click on the line item anywhere using click activity.
  2. Use Type into and pass “[k(tab)][k(tab)][k(enter)][k(enter)]” and run the workflow it will open veiw transactions.


Hi @safiya1 - in order to get selecotrs which only appear after you hover over them you can pause the indication of elements by pressing “F2” - that way you can get the selector for these elements.

hi @anil5,

thanks for your help, but it is clicking on edit button, i tried putting another [k(tab)]. but it is not working.

could you please help me understanding this.

hi @FrankSchikora- thanks for your response, i tried the same but did not get the result.


I want you to try manually first, click on the particular line, do 2 times tab and 2 times enter and see whether view transactions is getting opened or not.Queue.xaml (6.0 KB)

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Hi @safiya1 - please try the following:

  1. Open the Queue page of the orchestrator

  2. Drag in your click in UiPath and use “indicate on screen”

  3. Press F2 and hover over the “more actions” button - after 3 seconds the indication will be available again - indicate the element. The selector should look something like this (idx is because of not using the css-selector):

     <html title='Queues - UiPath Orchestrator' />    
    <webctrl tableRow='4' tag='svg' parentclass='mat-icon' idx='2' />
  4. Use the “Simulate” property for the click activity

With this click the menu should open and you can normally indicate the “view transactions” ui-element.

If you want to make the selector dynamic you could add the row in so it would look like this:

<html title='Queues - UiPath Orchestrator' />
<webctrl tag='TR' aaname='QueueNameAsVariable* ' parentclass='ui-grid-table' />
<webctrl tableRow='4' tag='svg' idx='2' />
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Maybe try it with activity SELECT ITEM

Yeah anil, it worked… Selector was wrong.

Thank you so much… :blush:

Hey @FrankSchikora, i tried this too… Its working…

Thank you so much for your response… :blush:

Iam new to uipath. I need help to solve this.

In addition to above question…
i am using data scraping to scrap whole table of queues… Since the queues span multiple pages, after scraping the control is left at second page. I am using navigate to activity to come back to first page.
From this iam iterating through each row of queue and clicking on view transaction.
Now challenge facing is, to click on view transactions which is on second page of orchestrator.

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