How to automate editing a dynamic table

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I have a dynamic table on a web page which I can edit by clicking on the pencil icon. The rows in that table are dynamic (so it could be 2, 3 or 4). How can I make the editing of the table in UIPath?


  1. First use Data Scraping to scrape the data from table and will give output as DataTable.

  2. And then use For Each Row activity to iterate one by one row and edit the required data you want. You need to create dynamic selector for this.

Thanks for your answer, I get the point that by scraping the table I will get a data table which will have all the rows and data inside it present in the table, that I can then use to do other stuff. But I want to edit that table inside the web form. Like there is a pencil icon on every table row that i need to click and then edit different columns in the table.

@harmeet_kaur ,

By Retrieving the Table Data, you get the Information of the Rows and Columns.

You would require to use a Click Activity and Indicate the Pencil Icon, now in the Selector of the Element, there would be information which as to which row this Pencil Icon belongs to such as tblRow or some other attribute which would be helpful.

We could use the Index of each row of the Extracted Datatable to iterate one by one and Click on each of the Pencil icons.

Similarly, for this case, we would require to use Type Into Activity and Indicate all the Columns where we would require to enter data.

Also, In the Selector, we will have an attribute which we can depend on Selecting each of the Values in the Row.

You will have to make the Selector dynamic, by adding variables which will help you Click and Edit values in each of the Rows.

More on Creating Dynamic Selectors :


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