How to automate diferent urls

Hi there! I’m trying to do a automation to get data from a portal wich has advertisements, the link to the advertisement that I want is in a google spreadsheet saved as a variable oh UiPath, however, everyday I change the link so I can get data from another advertisement. Every new advertisement has a unique url, but all of them have a lookalike interface. How can I do this since UiPath ‘use browser/app’ gets the url of the website? Thak you! Print screens are more than wellcome!

Store the URL in an Asset, then use Get Asset to get the URL, and use that variable in the URL field of the Use App/Browser activity.

As an alternative, you can store the URL in a config file (spreadsheet) and read the spreadsheet to get the URL.

Hey! But how I would add the activities that I need to do on the platform?

Same way you add any activity. If you don’t know how to do these basic things I suggest the free training on the UiPath Academy web site.

Here is documentation on how to use Assets.

Config files are Excel files so that would be regular Excel automation, and there are many posts in the forums about how to do a config file. You can also look in the REFramework template to see how it handles the config file.

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