How to automate DatePicker

@Goku ,

  1. Use a while loop and keep the condition as true

  2. Add check app state and select a the month(Element to appear)
    Edit its selector , here i used a strict selector
    Below is the selector that i use
    <webctrl tag='H3' aaname='{{checkinMonthAndYear}}' />

checkinMonthAndYear contains “November 2024”

  1. In the target ap[pear and not appear section
    Add click activities
    Below is the screenshot for your reference

The left side click activity will select the date and its anchor is the month and year name

the right side click activity will navigate to next page

If target appears and clicks on the date then it will break from the while loop

Kindly play with selectors of click activity

Hope it helps you out!

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