How to Automate datagridview feature in windows app in uipath

Hi, I am using community edition for Automation of windows app. How to iterate row by row to DatagridView in windows application

Issue: There are 10 or 15 rows in datagridview . Now i need to click on the first row and do some action. Come back to datagridview and now need to click on the 2nd row

Hi @Muthu86,

Create intIndex integer data type.

Assign intIndex=1

First click on the datagridview and do the operation
increment intIndex=intIndex+1

using send hot key -“Down” key to focus to the particular row and do the same

Thanks @akila93 for replying. I am trying to automate the windows app which is in RDC. First which feature i used ex: screen scrapping or screen relative or scrape data?

for what purpose?

To get the total number of rows in datagrid view and then run in a loop

The total number of rows will not be same always

check weather you are getting selector for the gridview row.

if yes you can use element exists to get the final record

ok but Is there any option to get the total number of rows ?