How to autoincrement cell index in Excel formula for Write Cell

I want to increase yellow highlighted part of excel formula for example:

For Cell A1 it will be as shown in image : β€œ=OFFSET(data!$L$2,(ROW(data!$L$1)-1)*2,0)”

but when it goes to next cell A2 it should take L2 : β€œ=OFFSET(data!$L$2,(ROW(data!$L$2)-1)*2,0)”

for A3 it should take L3 and so on…

I am only looking for Excel modern activity, not classic.

Hi @mavsp8,

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Create β€œIndex” variable in For each Excel Row activity then user that variable in write cell activity


If not so use below method

Test.xaml (7.7 KB)


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Thank you it works

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Hi @mavsp8 ,

Alternately, Instead of using For Each Excel Row, Could you use Fill Range Activity and Check if it is able to populate the data as required ?

However, Firstly you would need to use Write Cell Activity first for Cell A2 and then use Fill Range Activity.

Let us know if you were able to use this method as well.

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