How to AutoFit Columns in Excel before copy to Data Tables and create file CSV

Hi, Please help me to solve the problems
Step of my job

  1. Read File Excel and get only sheetname start with “Upload”
    2.Read range of that sheet to data table → ExcelDT
    3.Write New CSV file by ExcelDT

but the problem is open sheetname if it not AutoFit the colums the CSV Result is not correct

How can I AUTOFITS the colums before Read range to Datatables

@Supakinee_Navawong_na_ayu - If you are allowed to use BalaReva activities then install the balareva excel activities and use Autofit columns as shown below


The latest excel preview package - UiPath.Excel.Activities v2.10.0-preview - contains AutoFit activity. This might helps you.

Note: This is for not excel application scope but Use excel .


I try to use it in loop for each of sheet name

But it has error on read rage with “error message: The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)”

Hi @Yoichi - Is this available in Studio or StudioX? I am using the recent package in Studio and i could not find this activity. I guess, it will be for StudioX


Hi @prasath17,

We can use them in both Studio and StudioX.
Can you try to check ShowStudioX at Filter in Activites panel in Studio as the following?


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@Yoichi - oh wow…I never knew we can use like this…all this time i switch my profile to Studiox and create something and Open the xaml in studio.

Thanks… :clap: :clap: :clap:

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I coun’t not find UiPath.Excel.Acitivities V2.10.0

What’ s wrong with me?


Can you try to check “Include Prerelease”?


Thank you. ^^

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but I can not find activities “AUTO FIT”

What’ s wrong with me again? T___T


Can you tune filter in Activities panel?(Check StudioX)
In the latest version of studio, we can do it as the following image.

If your version of Studio is old, it might be unable to use it.


Thank you for your help.
My version is old. T__T

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