How to auto save the google search result webpage

i can auto take data on excel with studio X, can use data to search, may i know how to auto save the search result web page? I need auto save 20 web page of the result. Thanks

Can someone please help? I am using it for the first time

if page have a get type url . you can copy url.

Thanks. but may i know how to auto save 20 url link on the
search result? Many Thanks.

May i know how to you can copy url? Thanks.

You can get text in web page

you can make it dynamic by using for each loop and get that get text activity inserted into it make it dynamic.


FYI. i had add get text activity inserted.

Please advise. Many Thanks.

HI @hobkl

So as your question properly relates to Scrapping I would suggest it would quite easier if you don’t mind using DATA scrapping directly it would be very easy to create tables as the data already will come in a datatable format

i don’t understand how to use “Scrapping”, May i know the specific step on studio X or can’t Implement ? I hope can save the web page for search result. -need to enter the web page,Ctrl S then save on Location.(one page had ten result). Many Thanks. :grinning:

hey ,

Sweet I might be able to guide you here now in this case

please refer to this video if this can help you out

and I Will attach forum how to data scarping here also in which you can go step by step

Hope it helps you out today

Happy Automating mate.

Thanks for you help. but i only use Studio X,that should be can’t work? Thanks.

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