How to auto populate data based on number of columns pasted

I have a write range data which pastes data into excel like this


Now What I want to do is based on the number of rows pasted each time in column B and C I want to auto populate Column A based on the number of Rows in Column B and C with the Number 1 like this :


8 rows in Column B and C Therefore Column A got populated 8 Times

Another Example :


10 Rows in Column B and C so therefore Column A got populated 10 times

Hi @Ishan_Shelke ,

Can you explain in a bit more detail ?

We might be getting confused on the parts 8 rows and 10 rows and the column A getting populated with 2 and 3 values.

Also could you let us know How you’re pasting the columns B and C ?

Sorry I had pasted a wrong Screenshot. Replaced it with a New One.

And For Pasting I am reading data from a differnet excel sheet using Read Range.

and Pasting data into this excel sheet using Write range

try this
TEST.xaml (8.3 KB)

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@Ishan_Shelke ,

In that case, You might just need to add a Column to the Datatable using Add Data Column Activity and Keep the Default values as 1.

Let us know if this doesn’t suit your case.

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