How to Authenticate in UiPath Cloud Orchestrator in Postman/Swagger? (with CA)

Hi. I tried below one and it works pretty well!

I tossed to SAP ABAP team, but SAP ABAP team said there is connection of “https”, so it require CA. This is simple one if we have on-premise version, but our orchestrator is trial version, I cannot find upload the self signed CA or something I can use.

I’m looking for how to connect API with ‘ssl certificate verification ENABLED’ Postman.
If it works, it should work in SAP ABAP, I guess.

Sorry @hogaeng I’m unable to get a clearer picture on the issue.

Could you please elaborate ?

Sorry. I’m afraid there are limits to upload picture because company’s security. I’m tring finding the way to upload…

My issue is exactly same as below link.

Okay let me check once.

Mean while check if this helps you - Unable to Get Access token to Orchestrator using API from Postman - #2 by Nithinkrishna

Issue has solved.
My leader had downloaded the CA and send to ERP Team and works well.
I wonder why they ask to my team instead of Install team…

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