How to attach write line output to mail in table format


How can I attach this output in a table format to a mail.

After Attaching it should Look Something Like This


We may have to use html code like table tags < table >…< / table >
with required rows & data tags.

Hope this helps.
Ashwini Kempraj

Hi ,

Use HTML tags to create table boarders , add your element in between those tags.
Enable isHTML checkbox in the send mail activity


All my values are coming from variables so how do I access those variables in my HTML ?

you should divide the html code in to three parts , first part would be the start tags , and the second part will be the lines where the table structure gets created(use for each loop to add lines dynamically) and finally the last part will be ending tags.

concatenate all three at the end and use it as htmlBody

use this xaml to convert datatable to HTML
input = datatable variable
output = html (string)

then put this html string in email body, and it will be a table format
Convert_DataTable_X_HTML.XAML (13.2 KB)

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For Solution Refer to this :

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