How to Attach window with selecter using Regex

Hi everyone

Now I want to Attach app window with selecter using Regex.
Is it available to use Regex in Input-Selector Property, And If it is ok, could you tell me how to acheive it?


Hi Taichi. I have the same question. Does anyone answer to you? Thanks.

Hi @taichi and @Pupina

Can either of you give an example of what you’re trying to accomplish? I’m not sure I understand.


Hi Troy,
I used that alternative with IBM RFT that allows regex expression inside selector definitions. There are useful when you have more than one value for a property. In that case you can use OR expression to allow the tool to identify the selector either with one property or the other. As an example, not the only one, I used it with language messages that I need to reply to, and depending on the machine they are in English or Spanish.
I guess that with UIPath I can have two strings for the selector and try with to different find element activities to implement something similar. Do you have an example code where you do something like this?
Thanks very much.