How to attach the latest instance of an internet explorer window


I have a process that will open the outputs of reports from Oracle on IE and copy information out of it. I can’t close all IE windows and then attach just the output because Oracle will close down.

Is there any way of detecting/attaching the most recently opened instance of Internet Explorer?

Thanks in advance.

hi @william.coulson

Try with attach browser indicating the new instance!


Hi @pravin_calvin,

The selectors validate fine before running, but they will break when the code is running and gets to the attach browser. It does the same with attach window too.

Hi @william.coulson

if possible can you share me a selector of attach browser which you re using !

And try to wildcard the Title attribute!


insuch scenarios we are working with Browser variable, an output from the e.g. attach Browser activity

Hi @pravin_calvin, @ppr,

This selector picks up the title as the Oracle URL, which I have redacted:

<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='IEFrame' title='https://[Oracle URL]*' />

The wildcard eliminates the unique ID generated when the output is opened. I may have found a way to get the text without attaching the window, I’ll report back once I’ve tested it.


working in this way you will get always the first found browser

Give a try on following:

Selector of find children: "<html />"
Filter of find children. "<html />"

arrBrowser = uiChildren.Select(Function (x) x.GetBrowser()).toArray

this should collect all Browsers.

Getting all titles of browsers should be also possible, after some modifications


Hi @pravin_calvin, @ppr,

I took the sequence out of the attach browser and used the same selector line and it seems to have worked.

Thanks the the solutions and your time, I will keep them bookmarked as they may come in handy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

also have a look here:

as we can incorporate in modelling and in setting up helpers:

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