How to attach files to mail in sentoutlook mail

how to attach files to mail in sentoutlook mail give solution for this…

Hi @sindhuja,

Please refer this to send the attachment
SendOutputmail.xaml (4.9 KB)



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It is Not working Yar

Are you passing actual file names or path to directory?

I got it now, It’s working

Hello everyone, sorry to come back to this topic but I was wondering how to attach a file which was saved locally in a new mail. Actually with my automation I create a power point report which has been saved locally. Now I need to send it by mail. Could you please tell me how ? Thanks !

The SendOutput.xaml file above contains an example. You just need to pass the full filepath for your powerpoint.

Thanks @DanielMitchell but actually the mail is correctly sent but without the file.

I have selected the file path into Attachments as follow:
But it does not work.
Any tips ? Thanks !

ok solved !! Thanks @Daniel! Rgs, Salvo

It works like a charm. you have to specify the filepath + filename with extension.
for example :slight_smile: C:\Users\desktop\test.txt

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