How to attach a file to e-mail outlook

Hello I would like to attach a file but I know my file name only by directory + the name is a variable but I updated StudioX and the option to do it is GONE!

How do I do that now?

I can’t edit this field I can only launch windows browser but I need variables

Hi @chowus

First drag the send Email activity to outside then give variable after drag it into inside


It did not help still nothing

Take new send email activity outside if activity


Try to pass the value in properties.

I tried nothing ehhhhhhhhhhhh


Where in properties? there is no directory there look at the first screenshoit :frowning:

The problem is that these buttons are missing, please look at my screenshot!: P


once you hover over…you would see a plus …click on it and open advanced editor where you can pass variables


I hover over, no plus!

Once create new send email activity

I created but nothing ehhh


Please try changing the mail package version from manage packages and see if it resolves


OK I created again but outside of my activities and it worked UFF



Try update the mail package

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