How to attach a file in remote SAP machine

I’m running my tests in remote SAP machine through remote access.
After completing the process, I’m saving the file in remote desktop.

I want to attach the file and send that file through email.

Can you please reply with detailed steps. Attaching snapshots



1.If outlook is inside RDP and UiPath in local then you have to use image/hotkey automation

  • Open Outlook
  • click on new mail
  • add attachment.
  • send
  • you could make use of outlook shortcut keys and pass in “sendHotKey” Activity.
  1. If outlook and UiPath in local
  • please make copy of pdf to local drive (again make use of click image/hotkeys)
  • Now you can use "Send Outlook Mail Message" activity where you can click on attach file option and pass the pdf attachment path in the value field as shown below.
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Thanks for the reply.

I have only gmail but no outlook in Remote desktop. I want to attach that file to my gmail. Please help.

Ravi shanker

Oh cool then.
As i mentioned in step 1 you need to use image automation.
make use of gmail shortcut keys and image activities .

Thank you. I’m able to send email without any errors. But only image is copying. I want to attach file and should be readable format. attaching snapshot.

Just image is copied not the file.

Thanks for the support.

How your attaching file?

  • copying the pdf file from the desktop and pasting in gmail body ?


  • browsing through gmail attachment wizard?

Try both and let me know.

Trying to copy from SAP(from Remote desktop) and paste in local system.

Unable to browse from SAP(remote)

Looks like copying is disabled ?
Is it achievable manually?
I remember you saying gmail is in RDP so why your copying to local?

Gmail in RDP is not working(No outlook).

Need help on how we select a particular file.

For e.:- I have 3 files in desktop (1.doc,2.doc and 3.doc). I want to select only (2.doc) and next time 3.doc(Everytime different files).

Thanks for the support