How to assign formula in excel


Could anyone advise how I could assign a variable with formula in UIPath.

For example, in excel, you would input a cell with formula =MID(F8,2,3). And I want to have this assigned into a variable in UIPath such as var1 =MID(F8,2,3)


@Kindergarden Use write cell activity and pass ur formula here

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Thanks @indra

You mean I could just assign var1 = =MID(F8,2,3) into write cell activity and it will perform as what it would as if one performs the maual assignment of the formula into the cell ? Thx

Yes you can try

Thanks @indra

Instead of using write activity, could I use read range from an excel. then assign a variable say var1 =MID(F8,2,3).

If this is possible and I am reading from an excel and output is dt1, then could the expression be var1 =MID(dt1.col8,2,3) where col8 is F8 of that row being read. Could any expert advise?

Hi, could anyone provide a simple sample about vlookup from fileA to fileB. That is, fileB has colE = carmodel. Then vlookup (or any formula) in fileA for the model description in fileA with common key carmodel. Then write the model description into fileB. Thanks.

Hi, anyone could advise ? Thanks.

Hi @indra, do u have a sample which will help me for quick reference. Thx.

@Kindergarden Here you go (16.3 KB)

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Thanks @indra. This is good.

May I know
(i) what is “=SUM(RC[-2]+RC[-1])” ? RC means something, a reserved word for column ?
(ii) I notice you used excel application scope. I have used read range for reading excel without excel application scope before and it works. Just to be sure, if I could be wrong along the way, what’s the difference typicall between using excel application scope and not using while reading an excel file.


Hi @indra, can advise me ? thanks

@Kindergarden (I) “=SUM(RC[-2]+RC[-1])” It’s a formula for adding colum one and column two

(II) Refer this Post

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Hi,I also want to do it like you,can you done?

Thanks @indra