How to ask a good question?



hi,am not getting to where i have to post my querries,i cant see any options to write my querry here.can you please tell me.


Just go to and click “+New Topic” button as shown below - after that you can specify the category, tags etc:

Does this help? :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I already have a custom built Desktop rig, which could undoubtedly be better. However, I was thinking of purchasing a powerful Gaming Monitor, because since I also work in Visual Effects they also tend to be very useful for processing heavy software as well like Maya, Blender, Nuke, AE, and etc. So anybody have any suggestions on monitor builds? But I hope the price is not too expensive. Curious for any insight and thoughts from those who like to sink a lot of thought into these things. Or you can refer to the monitor recommended in this article:


Its Really good to know before posting the question…




Can I translate this guide to Japanese, and link forum category ‘Japan(日本)’?
I believe that it’s useful for user in Japan, too.


Honoka, That’s really a good idea… but please make sure… right meaning should not get disturb…


Yes, your concern is quite right.
However, Japanese users who’s not good at English can’t access this guideline, nor (sometimes) cannot ask the questions well.
I hope to make this situation better.

Maybe, we need to discuss and find good ways.


Hi @Honoka

Sure you can. Thank you for stepping up with this.

This is work in progress now. Our colleague Lisa started some FAQs on the Japan category but we can surely talk. I think it will be easier to have a discussion with one of my colleagues from the Tokyo office.



I have a quick question. Will UI-Path Orchestrator support Azure SSO?


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#40 to get selectors of the particular element as out put in the message box dynamically,
2.For example if i select any element on the screen i should get that element selectors in the message box as a output.


hi can i know how to convert pdf tabular forms in to excel.


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