How to archive (not delete) previous packages on Orchestrator Cloud


I am looking to tidy up my orchestrator - i have 4 projects and multiple releases.

Is there a way to archive unused projects or packages?

Please do not suggest using filters, those are ok for one time use (as they reset every time you revisit the pages)

I don’t want to delete those packages but ideally archive them for audit purposes…

Any ideas?

Hey! Welcome to community!

Do you mean to downgrade the previously published packages in Orchestrator?

What do you mean by achieve unused projects or packages?


If you go to test cases, you can see all the tests and all packages. I would only like to see the latest versions - but I don’t want to delete previous versions.

Again filters are not an option, as you need to set them every time you go to any of the pages.

Hey @gregory.laszczewski

Once you archive it, do you want to still retrieve it through Orchestrator only later ?


Hello @gregory.laszczewski

I don’t think there is a functionality to archive the old packages. Maybe you can download the packages from orchestrator and save to local, then delete from orchestrator.