How to approach automatic ergonomic breaks while running attended bots?

Every ~hour I get automatic ergonomic breaks that potentially crash my attended bots. The software, RSIGuard, locks the keyboard and mouse so as to make the user take a break to prevent repetitive stress injuries. I cannot change the settings to prevent these breaks from triggering. The user can postpone a break for ~10min, but I can’t run UiExplorer to find the selectors when the breaks are running because the mouse is locked out. I don’t think I can postpone breaks indefinitely.

My question is how to approach this in automations with attended bots. Since some of my bots run for several hours, it might be best if the bot would simply stop and wait for the break to pass. It would also be good to read the time remaining in the break and pause the bot for that period of time. But again I can’t use UiExplorer to get the selectors.

Update: I discovered that the breaks actually allow a short grace period before the mouse and keyboard are locked out. So was able to use UiExplore to get into the selectors and can create code to detect and respond to breaks (skip, wait, etc).

It seems like overkill to check to see if my computer is on a break with every mouse click or keystroke sent to this application. Send Windows Messages and Simulate type/click don’t work with this application.

Any suggestions?

Solved. Simply have the bot kill the RSIGuard process when it starts to execute and launch RSIGuard when it finishes.

Also found a setting to put RSIGuard in “polite” mode while this application is running.

I wish I would have thought of those sooner. :upside_down_face: