How to apply Vlookup on 2 different excel

i want to apply Vlookup on excel, base on another excel 6 TAT Master.xlsx (61.0 KB)
this is the master excel which contain Days(column O) and Bucket (column P) and Row Excel for Vlookup.xlsx (11.7 KB)
this is row data which has Aging(mins Days, column Y ) base on that days fill bucket cell from master excel for that apply Vlookup
for ex. if Aging is 6 then bucket ID is 04_6-10


first of all lookup column needs to be in same format, please change the row excel for vlookup Column Y to general (Its Text now).

=VLOOKUP(Y2,’[6 TAT Master.xlsx]Sheet1’!$O:$P,2,0)

above formula can be used to do the vlookup by formula,

If you are thinking of doing via Data table - read both sheet and two For Each can do the same.


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Thanks @rajeshprabhu_gp
I apply Vlookup on Data table using 2 For each row

HI @suraj23, can you please upload your xaml file if possible!!!

Thanks in advance.

Hi Rajesh,

Please provide me the .xaml file to vlookup 2 different sheets.