How to apply the ReFramework to full business process

I really like the ReFramework found at and would like to implement it, but have a question that seems obvious, but I am likely misunderstanding something.

The framework talks about how each business process is able to be broken down into multiple components. The example it uses on pg 5 shows one process, paying for fuel used, comprised of 3 components:

  1. update fuel price
  2. use #1 output and multiply by distance traveled
  3. Use #2 output and pay for fuel used

Now that these three components are identified, I’m a little confused how we would implement the ReFramework in this relatively simple process. Would each component all have it’s own framework files & get released as it’s own .nupkg file? Meaning copy+paste the framework template 3 times, update the individual configs, set up arguments 3 times, etc. Or would you instead have a single .nupkg that encompassed all 3 components as it’s 1 process?

If each component needs to be its own .nupkg and have its own framework files, how do you link everything together & schedule the process? Does the answer change at all if there are multiple robots that may process each component?

I would like to know about this too.