How to apply the counter in the workflow to get the execution time of the usecase


I want to apply the counter in my workflow to check if the time taken by the use case is more or less before starting the execution and after the execution to compare that time,
first I have taken the variable in Today1 as in which it is showing before time and then my process then again 2 variable Today2 in which after time is giving then calculated the diff of 2 variables, Now how to apply the counter to know if the diff is more than actual time and report that status in the excel as pass or fail.

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Fine in this case we can keep a threshold value instead of a counter
Like if the difference between two timestamp is around 20 that’s twenty min then we can have a variable named int_cutoff with certain range like 15 or 30

So if the difference value is more than the cutoff value then we can say as fail or pass
With a IF condition like

So the structure should be like this

—a int32 variable int_first = Now.Minutes
—Then our sequence
—now another int32 variable int_last = Now.Minites
—then use a IF condition like this
(int_last - int_first) > 15
If true will go to THEN part or to ELSE part
Where 15 is the cutoff value we have to check whether it has passed before usual time or not

Cheers @Rakhi11