How to apply more than 2 condition in if Activity

Hi Folk,

Kindly help me to resolve my issue.

Actually i have situation like there is one CRM tool and if we search for an initials there it will open as internet table having some data, image shown below

so now i want to check for an Deptno and Manager.

let’s say
Dept no- 5846 and Manager is LOTA or CURE

if the above condition met, then it should log as match else not.

Any suggestion?

note- every time initials will change.

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

Simply insert in the box:
Condition1 AND (Condition2 OR Condition3)

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is the syntax correct?


Dept. No.=" 5846 "(Manager=“CURA” OR Manager=“LOTA”)

But are “Dept. No.” and “Manager” Variables, right?

Else where is the information stored? In a Data Table?

no, they are not variable, they are the column name of internet table

So, how is called the variable where the information is stored?

And what format does it have?

i believe it is in a tabular form, find image below


Are you using for each row?


No, i am not using

Please, screenshot the variable tab on uipath


So how you are getting the values out from Excel?

Can you tell me what exactly your use case?


i have scrapped the data from web table and stored in a variable, now i open again another link using browser activity and pass the variable into the search engine, it will display the details of customer.

in which i want to check whether the Deptno and manger is there or not based on condition and print accordingly.

so every time stored variable value will change, so i need to check.

let me know if you need more information.


Ok to get the value of DeptNo and Manager, Use Get Text activity and these will store in a variable

Once you get the value use IF condition as below

Highlighted are variables of Get Text activity

Hope this helps you


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If it’s like that, then just put parenthesis like this and you are ok:

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ok, this sounds good.

let me run and then let you know.


There is some issue with the code i think, if i am passing the different scraped variable, it is going to wrong sequence. i.e- not a match.

And i checked actually that value are correct.

kindly give a quick reply,

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