How to Apply formula on DataTable values

Hi everyone i am performing division and i don’t know what formula to apply on data table values
if someone knows how to perform this action please let me know,currently it is able to copy values from a,b excel files into c excel file ,but what should be the expression in the write value to perform the operation.

Hi @Sandeep

I don’t know the formula part. you can check it on google but i can help with programmming calculation part.

Please find this attached solution and let me know. (19.1 KB)


hi @aksh1yadav here is the solution for division problem please see the attachment !!

division (9.5 KB)

Hey @Sandeep

I have viewed your solution but you are doing it with one excel having both columns but as per your talking you wanted to read both values from different excels and write it into third excel having result column which will contain the division result of both of columns and i have did that. :wink:

and your solution is also good if you have both in one excel. keep trying like this and gain knowledge as much you can by trying the things by your own.

and the other thing i have noticed is you are only considering even division because you are using your values but i wanna say you can use decimal() as i used in my sollution so you will not lost the fraction part after division result.



Hey thanx @aksh1yadav your solution is also perfect , and sorry for sharing a different version of my solution i forgot that i wanted to work with three excel files ,i was just focusing on how can i perform the operation on numbers ,but anyways your solution is also perfect.
Best Regards