How to apply .DASH file dashboard to Cloud Insights from UiPath Marketplace?

Hi all -

I have come across the following link: UiPath Insights ROI Dashboard - Queues - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

This shows Cloud Insights and provides a .DASH file to upload… where can you upload this file to Cloud Insights? I see no option.

hi @Ron_Gazaryan! that dashboard can actually only be applied on Insights on-premise, on versions 2021.4 and below. Cloud Insights uses a different technology stack so unfortunately the dashboard will not work there.

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Thats quite stupid. When will this be possible in cloud?

I understand your frustration. Insights 2021.10+ and Cloud Insights both work on a new and improved tech stack that helps provide overall reliability and better functionality. As a consequence, dashboards built on the old stack can’t be migrated. It’s like trying to turn an apple into an orange. That being said, we’ve improved the way we built the data model for the new versions as well, and we will be providing new dashboards in the future that better fit this model anyway. They’ll be included right in the product, so you won’t need to download from the marketplace.

Ok, cannot wait. We are building dashboards and providing insights to our managers right now. The more info we can give them, the better it is.