How to applied uipath to deal with popup error message from another application

I try to use Uipath activity to input data and save data in our company application in case success, I can manage it but in the case our company application popup the error message, I wanna use Uipath Activity to close the transaction that I input and send email to me, attached for our company application error message below

Thanks for incoming advice.

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Hi @natchakrit

you can use if element exists activity it will throw boolean.Then if the condition is true then send email.

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I try to use find element activity but nothing happen, something I do wrong? help to correct me. thanks.

or I have to use CV element exists activity? Thanks.

You were almost done
—we can use here IMAGE EXISTS activity
Where choose trust message as a region of image
—now if that image appears it will give us a Boolean variable named bool_exists with value either as True or False
—now use a IF Condition like this
bool_exists = True
If this condition is true it will go to THEN apart where we can use SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY

Cheers @natchakrit


I try above step but not success not sure which one is wrong. I think the process run both then and Else which email didn’t send out.

by the way, how I can send the send desktop screen including popup then attached and send email. thanks.

If that image appears we can take the screenshot of it with TAKE SCREENSHOT ACTIVITY inside the THEN part of this IF condition and get the output of type img
Then use SAVE IMAGE activity and save that image variable as a file
Then we can attach that image file by mentioning the filepath of it in ATTACH FILE option

Cheers @natchakrit