How to append the data in the datatable

Hi All

I am using reframe work and i want to add each transaction item into data table.

I am using build data table and add data row activity but its not getting appended. Its getting override.

at last i am getting last transaction item in the data table.

How to append each tx in data table

Hi @Pooja2,

Is your Build DT inside the for loop? It should be out of the for loop.

With each iteration, if its inside the loop, the DT is being rebuilt with the same parameters including the DT name and at the end only row is left.

Yes, Its in process.xaml file for each tx item i am just adding details

Hi @Pooja2
Please place ur build datatable at init all stage

then use add datarow in the end of every transaction to append data. Then at end (when the transaction item is nothing) u can use write range to write the datatable


Nived N

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