How to append results in excel in the next available row in addition to the existing results than overwriting the file

I have been storing results of my workflow in an excel file for each run. When i instantiate the new run every time the results file is getting overrided but i want to append the results of each run to the existing file so that i can maintain a reference of all the runs. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Use Append Range activity to append the results.

But how the bot will understand the existing data suppose for first run it will store in row2 including headers for next run it should store in row3 i want to make it unattended using orchestrator where i will be having multiple runs in a day but i will look at the result file only in the end of the day (for Example after 50 runs) so how can append range activity will dynamically update bot. Can you please throw an example to understand better.

Append Range Activity auto-detects the next available (empty) row and then inserts the data.

Hi Karthik,
Thanks for your help. I have used read range activity before append range as i need to give the input as data table to append range activity but if i have 2 rows values passed it is appending for the next 2 rows instead of single row. Am i doing something wrong.

It is expected behaviour.

It will append the number of rows you passed as input for the Append Range Activity.

Karthik Byggari

Hey @KarthikByggari
i am also doing the same. as you suggested above
i need to filter the data from a excel and then paste the filtered data into a master file on weekly basis.
i am using append range but its not working.
can you suggest some steps…