How to append one column in excel below other and repeat cell for another column



Hi Experts,

I am new to uipath and RPA as a whole.
I have a requirement where my client sends me an excel file which looks like below:

|01-10-17|100 |01-11-17|1,000 |
|02-10-17|200 |02-11-17|2,000 |
|03-10-17|300 |03-11-17|3,000|

The requirement is to create another excel which looks like below from above file:
|01-10-17|100 |A|
|02-10-17|200 |A|
|03-10-17|300 |A|
|01-11-17|1,000 |B|
|02-11-17|2,000 |B|
|03-11-17|3,000 |B|

Basically what I want is to append column C and D to be appended under column A and B and the respective unit should be added in third column of the output excel.

Please can anyone help me here. I have tried using excel read range, read column etc but of no use.

Thanks in advance.




See the attached and let me know if it is working. (14.7 KB)



Dear Bogdan,

Thanks a ton for your valuable solution.
It was a huge help.

Thanks & Regards,