How to append one column in excel below other and repeat cell for another column

Hi Experts,

I am new to uipath and RPA as a whole.
I have a requirement where my client sends me an excel file which looks like below:

|01-10-17|100 |01-11-17|1,000 |
|02-10-17|200 |02-11-17|2,000 |
|03-10-17|300 |03-11-17|3,000|

The requirement is to create another excel which looks like below from above file:
|01-10-17|100 |A|
|02-10-17|200 |A|
|03-10-17|300 |A|
|01-11-17|1,000 |B|
|02-11-17|2,000 |B|
|03-11-17|3,000 |B|

Basically what I want is to append column C and D to be appended under column A and B and the respective unit should be added in third column of the output excel.

Please can anyone help me here. I have tried using excel read range, read column etc but of no use.

Thanks in advance.


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See the attached and let me know if it is working. (14.7 KB)



Dear Bogdan,

Thanks a ton for your valuable solution.
It was a huge help.

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