How to append each row data in excel

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I have scenario that, I want to append a each and every row in a separate excel , but in my case last row of the excel Is appending in five times . but I want all the row should append in the separate excel

@mohan2 By using append range activity you can achieve this.

Can you post the code?

Hi @mohan2

Instead of directly appending data to excel first add to Datatable by using Add Data Row. After for each row loop you can use a single Append Range activity to add to excel file.

Vijay Kumar C.

I am using append activity only, but last value only is appending

Is it possible to attach your workflow.

I should not attach the workflow seems , sorry it is confidential

I have attached workflow please go through it and let me (34.1 KB)

Mahaling Patil

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