How to append data from one sheet to another

Can someone please help me out from this:
I am reading a range from one excel, which is able to Print in message box. now i want to add this range into another excel which already contain data. in easy words I want to append data from one sheet to another.
what I did is give below. but when I want to append this data to another excel it is showing some error.

I am new in uipath so, Please help me.


Hi @MRAnsari,
The datatable is null . Then only you will get this error msg. Please check the datatable before Append Range.

Here I have attached the sample with the annotation. (8.9 KB)


Hi @MRAnsari,
Before appending the datatable

Check if condition isnothing(DatatableName)

False ->use append range
True-> datatable is null so don’t append


Thanks a lot…!! Problem Solved…!!

Nice :slight_smile: