How to append column to the end


I have to append 3 column ( Name , Date , Identification Number ) to the other excel so that the output look something like below.
Considered Every coloured data coming as one input to which we are appending Name , Date , Identification Number to its end. (23.2 KB)


@md.ahtesham - Could you please mention what issues you are facing in achieving your task?


please check following… (30.1 KB)


dose this solved your issue ?


Hi @rahatadi ,

Thank you for providing zip file. i didn’t get chance to look into it . Maybe in weekend i can check.
Thanks in advance.


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i have included output file as well…
please let me know if it needs any modification


Thanks a lot it worked , this is exactly what i needed.

Welcome :slight_smile:
happy to help you

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