How to anchor inside an excel file to find a cell based on anchor'd cell text

I am trying to find a way to have bot look into excel file, and find specific text in a cell. When it does, it should copy the information from the cell to the right of the anchor i just found.

Any thoughts?

right of the anchor or right to the cell ?

Right to the cell that I want to be the anchor

SO user input is “tommy bahama” it searches tommy bahama in the excel file then it gives me the cell values in the cell to the right of “tommy bahama” which is my anchor

easy to get, extract the data from excel in the datatable…

Do a for loop and find the value, store it in variable and index of the row and find the column for the same!!!

now do a + 1 for the in column name and write cell!!!

This requires that the excel file be saved. The excel file I am getting is downloaded temporarily from a website.

Thus we are saving the excel in datatable… We are creating a sub-file that will be present only during the execution of the bot!!!

Hope this helps!!!

How does one do that? Create a subfile of excel?

The sub-file is the temp file created in UiPath as datatable, all u need to do is add data row and copy the data 1-1 into the datatable…

Hope this helps :blush: