How to amend subject of the mail

could you please somebody clarify how to amend subject of the mail and save this change while sender would remain unchanged similarly as other properties of the mail (eg. date, time)?
The activity Send MailMessage is not something I have been chasing for.

Many thanks in advance

Hi There,
you just need to assign the subject of mail in assign activity and then you can amend before sending.
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maybe I have incorrectly expressed myself:
the action required is to amend subject of delivered mail and move it (with amended subject) to another Outlook mailbox (without any other changes, so once you would reply to the message - the original sender would receive it).
Please how could I arrange this?

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Hi Dear,
you can use Getmail activity after that for each to loop over and then if/decision activity to give condition to amend the subject under assign activity and to save please go through this link