How to always use latest library version?


I started looking into Libraries (reusable components) today and i’m having an issue with something. It might be that im not using library function the way its intended, if so let me know.

Lest say i have 2 Processes: ProcessA and ProcessB, they both use my LibraryA.

If i update LibraryA and publish it to Orchestrator, how can i make sure that ProcessA and ProcessB always runs with the latest version of the library?

I know i can open the projects in studio and manually update to the latest version, but this is really cumbersome and doesn’t scale very well if i need to update 50 processes which is a concern for me.

Hi @nilschr

You are right it could be better and you should expect improvements in this regard in the incoming releases. For now it is indeed a manual process.

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Yeah, I think you have the option in 18.4 to use “Strict” or “Lowest Applicable Version”. From my understanding, they were going to add another option for “Highest Applicable Version” or whatever.

Also, check this post here: #BetaFollow-up - Library (Reusable components)

Essentially, you could remove all old versions of the library from the feed, so the “Lowest Applicable Version” would be the newest version, therefore you would not need to update all processes.


I knew there was one more workaround out there but couldn’t recall it and had to move on. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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@ClaytonM @loginerror Do we have any updates on the feature of “Highest Applicable Version” for the libraries?

It’s on the roadmap, that’s all I can say right now :zipper_mouth_face:


Thats still great news, thanks for the follow up :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @mircea, @loginerror is there an update here on the Highest Applicable Version setting? This is sorely needed in our processes for a library to be scalable.


Hi I am also interested in this topic any news regarding Highest applicable version?