How to allows users add their own asset credentials in orchestrator

Hello. I would like to add users in my orchestrator organization which gives each user their own specified folder where they can run processes assigned only to them. I have done so but the assets section is greyed out for the users. I can only add from my side, however, people will not trust me of course to hand me their usernames and passwords. And I also don’t want to give them any administrator privileges as they should only be able to execute and run bot processes. And even when I gave the demo user all group membership roles such as ‘Everyone, Automation Users, Administrators, Automation Developers, Automation Express’, the ‘Add asset’ button was still greyed out. Any suggestions on how to allow users to add their own credentials in orchestrator? Thanks.


Create a new role and give the asset edit and view permissions and assign the role to the users


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Yeah that worked. thank you so much.

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