How to allow users outside of organization to use Entity service

Hey all. I have an app that is published as public to users outside of my organization. After deploying it to my personal workspace in Orchestrator and I get the public URL, when I go to this URL, I’m getting an entity error as below:


I don’t want to add any users to UiPath cloud service for them to create accounts, I just want them to interact with the app. So how do I get past this error message when the app is loaded?

Hi @private_matter

These user permissions has to be given by the admin only.
For every organization there is a admin account, which gives the permission, creation of robots, machines.

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You have to give access to the entity as the app needs thats entity access…you need not give the orchestrator ui access…but only can give access to entity and robot run…that way they wont be able to login yo orch but can still access app…



Any user outside my organization can access the app but not the entity. I have the necessary entities attached to the app. the app loads fine when set to public but this error shows because the user is outside the organization and has no account. So only if I invite each user to my organization will they be able to access the entity, and that’s the point I’m trying to make. How to give users who are not invited by email be given permission to access the entity? This option doesn’t seem available yet which is not good at all. This can literally kill my business.

I created a new demo user gave them full access permission just like me and I checked in the account that they can fully access the entity unit and view all records, yet when running the app from the user account, the same error still occurs. Not sure how one can make an app useful if this limitation is present.

Hello @private_matter ,

You can go to entity, manage access select the entity you want to give access then select account apps nam user which was created during public apps into Oauth.

Please follow below video.


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