How to allocate robots

Hi I am new to uipath

And I have 1 small process which needs to run unattended, and I have 2 robots but problem here is one robot will be turned off , for some other use

So can you guide me the allocation

Hi @Prasidh_Krishna welcome to community

Firstly there are 3 type of allocations

All robots - which runs the process in available robots simultaneously

Specific robot - Runs the process in mentioned/selected robot

Dynamic robot - runs the process if any of bot is free during the trigger time ( any robot which is available ) ( even though 2 are available it executes in any 1)

Since you are saying one robot will be paused

I recommend you to go with dynamic allocation

Please refer uipath documentation for some more details


Thanks for reply

Sure I will go with dynamic option

Also can you share me the link of documentation

Sure :slight_smile:

Here u go @Prasidh_Krishna

Happy Learning

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