How to allocate and save files automatically

Hi Community!

Hope everyone is fine! I’m newly here and looking for help about below task.

I have a zip file which includes over 1500 files in it.
And each one have the name logic like : A_A_A_Gxxxx_202202

What I am going to do is to save each file into my local folder, which also have its own name of : Gxxxx
And if the folder doesn’t have an existing folder with Gxxxx, then create one folder and save this file into it.
I need to do this 1500 times and save all the files into each own folder.

Thank you in advance!!

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Please anyone have idea of this ? Thank you!

can you share examples please



Welcome to uipath forum

I would suggest to refer this tutorial from UiPath on handling files and folders

Cheers @andymaves1201