How To Adjust Click Activity in A Dynamic Website by Using Get Attribute Activity

Hi there,

I am facing an issue with this website.
Basically the robot will execute these steps below:

1- Opens the web page browser : and types the desired text in the search box and hits “search”.“ARA” image

2- After the search the page gives only 1 found products.( I am entering the SKU code in the search box).


3- It will click on product link but the problem is right here. The page is dynamic .To solve this issue I am using get attribute activity for getting parentId but no useful. I think i am missing something here.

***What I want to do in this project is :
after clicking the product it opens the product page with details and then
it will go to “other sellers for this item” tab and it will retrieve the prices for other sellers.If you want to check this out my workflow for the clicking activity is here. It searches only one product.HB_Clicking.xaml (13.3 KB)

Note: Actually I am able to loop through with pages by inserting the SKU code with this link. “” + “SKUCode”
But the page is protected against the robots it gives captcha after terminating the robot. It doesn’t allow to do so. That’s why I am trying to use clicking activity.
If you want to examine that as well the workflow is here.
AllSellersProduct.xaml (10.5 KB)
HB-10.xlsx (8.0 KB)

Waiting for your suggestions…
And thanks in advance.
Happy Automations :slight_smile:

And what about selector like this for button (not specific for product)?
<html app=‘firefox.exe’ title=’* - Hepsiburada’ />
<webctrl aaname=’ Sepete Ekle *’ tag=‘BUTTON’ class=‘add-to-basket button small’ />

I don’t want add the item in the cart. This button adds the item in the cart.

I just want the make the robot click the item link.
I choosed the click on Product name. Here is the example picture.

I can click on the item image as well but I’ve chosen the item name in this case.

You can try parentclass :wink:
<html app=‘firefox.exe’ title=’* - Hepsiburada’ />
<webctrl tag=‘SPAN’ parentclass=‘hb-pl-cn’ />


Yes it did work now. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

@umyvarna Do you have any idea how to solve the captcha because by using click activity it takes too much time as I will be looping for other items.

There are some ways, but the purpose of captha is prevent using technical level bots. The message is - do not use technical robots for this page. I think you should not try to go through it because of karma :wink:

Yes I see.

My another question is
some of the products is not available. Sometime the search gives a result that the item not found.

For that which activity is better to not to stop the robot.
Which activity should I use for this?
Element exists? or something like that.

The best would be Parallel with Element Exist for each state. But maybe this is not connected to original title and should be set as the new topic…

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Thanks @umyvarna . I got my answer.

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