How to address different checkboxes in JDEdwards

Hi all,

I try to change some information on different branches in our ERP system JDEdwards, which I open via Chrome. That means I open a site in JDE, search for an item number and then I get a list with selection boxes on the left side and the names on the right.
I want to select checkbox after checkbox to open branch after branch (I don’t always have the same amount nor the same names) to change the data, but I’m only able so far to make the robot recognise the first checkbox to open.

How can I identify the second, third, … checkboxes?

If I use the recording function it doesn’t work properly because the check boxes look the same and seem to have the same selectors.
I also tried it with the anchor base where I wanted to find the name (e.g. ‘003DAGDCI’) and then the checkbox to the left, but I’m not sure how to address that checkbox.

This is how the list looks like:

Hope someone can help.
Thanks! Jana

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Hi @JanaM

Could you provide some examples of the available properties in different fields from UiExplorer?

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Hi @loginerror

thank you for helping :slight_smile: when I use the ‘indicate element’ function in the UiExplorer for, as an example, the 4th checkbox next to 003IPHMFI this is the result:

If I check the parents, this one refers the first time to the correct row:

And this next one says tableRow 7 and I don’t know why

Is this what you were asking for? If not please explain me further what I have to look at.

Thanks a lot!


I think you could go with the tabindex property and the tableCol property. Could you check if it changes for different rows?

If it is the 4th checkbox, the 3 would be correct for indexing that starts at 0 :slight_smile:


unfortunately it’s for all rows tabindex 3,tableCol 1 and tableRow 1

It must be possible to find a variable value in one of the child or parent elements. I would bet on tableCol and tableRow to vary in one of those elements.